5 Ways to Save Money on a Home Interior Renovation

Whether it is refurbishing a resale unit or a BTO condo, the interior renovation interior renovation process of your home will almost certainly drain a large portion of your savings. Even if you have allocated a stipulated budget for the renovation, it is highly likely that the final costing will be more than what you have prepared.

As interior designers, it is our responsibility to help you to gain maximum value out of your home renovations, so that every cent paid is worth it. Hence, here are some of our recommended tips to help you save money while renovating your home.

Create A Budget and Stick to It!

Before we begin, let us clarify that the budget in this sense does not mean cheap or affordable. Budget is a projection of the amount of money allotted for the renovation project. Although the final sum more often than not will exceed your initial budget, it is still good to have a threshold to determine how much you should be spending. Moreover, when you make a budget for your home renovation project, it is advisable to reserve 10% of your budget for unexpected expenses. You can also talk to your interior designer to see if how you can work towards reducing your expenditure such as retaining some fixtures, opting for cheaper alternatives, etc.

Slow and Steady

When it comes to renovating our home interior design, we are typically inclined to renovate every part of the home at one go. However, if you are not in a rush and can afford to wait, then you should consider taking your time and renovating sections of the home at a time. Moreover, by taking your time, you will be able to make better decisions in terms of your spending and also design choices. Also, from a financial standpoint, working only on one or two rooms at a time is beneficial because in case you run into unexpected expenses, you be able to cope with it better without needing to halt the renovation work or compromising in other spaces.

Dare to Do It Yourself

This is one of the most effective ways to save costs. Best of all, it adds a hint of personality to space because you had invested your time and effort into it! It can be a piece of wall art; or building your shoe cabinet, the possibilities to add DIY features in your home are endless! Apart from that, you can also choose to paint the walls yourself instead of relying on your contractor to do it. This can also help you to reduce costs as well.

Reuse Whenever Possible

When you are in the mood to renovate your home, there is a tendency to remove everything and start afresh. Before you do so, think about what you can reuse for your new design concept. Built-ins like cabinetry as well as appliances and even furniture pieces that are not spoilt and are still in relatively good condition can be reused, rather than discarded entirely! If you are unsure of what to retain, seek the advice of a reliable interior designer and see how you can implement the interior design you have in mind without removing these features.

Pay with Cash

If and when possible, try to pay with cash, especially for small-scale renovation projects. Using cash helps you to save a significant amount of money as you need not pay for interest, unlike if you are taking out a loan or paying via credit card. Unless you are confident that you can pay off the loan quickly, it will make more sense financially to pay in cash.

By applying the tips above, you will be able to enjoy more savings as you renovate your home. Looking for a reliable interior designer? We at i-Chapter interior designers are always ready to assist you on

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