Despite only having 2 years of experience in the interior design industry, Darren has managed to develop a strong design portfolio for himself. Being an interior designer, his greatest satisfaction comes from the happiness of his clients towards their completed homes that he is recommended to the homeowners’ acquaintances.

He will firstly identify his clients preferred theme and then advise whether the mentioned theme suits the home or if there is a better option. This is because he understands that some clients might not be too familiar with interior design, therefore he wants to guide them to the best of his ability. He makes sure that all their needs are met to the tee by frequently communicating with the clients and keeping a close relationship with them. He is also known for his after sales service, calling clients to ensure that any issues are ironed out and assuring them that he is always ready to assist.

Darren will also make sure to advise his clients on the pros and cons of using certain materials and the advantages provided by a certain design concept. He believes that providing this information to homeowners allows them to make more informed decisions. Darren likes to challenge himself, which is why he seldom says no to complicated assignments and projects. With his youthful passion and determination, Darren is en route to being a superstar interior designer.