Design Manager

Eddie has been in the interior design industry since 2012, giving him more than 6 years of experience to date. His interior design philosophy has always been to emphasise on practicality as he believes that having a home with a functional design enables the homeowners to live more conveniently. He feels most satisfied when he is able to create the perfect home for his clients and when he sees the smiles on their faces upon seeing the completed renovation.

Before he starts designing a home, Eddie will take the effort to know more about his clients’ preferences including favourite colour themes, desired design concepts, as well as other special requests. By gathering this information, he ensures that the end result perfectly matches the needs and wants of his clients. He pays 101% concentration while designing to make sure that he does not miss out even the tiniest of details.

Eddie believes that an interior designer should be straightforward, especially when it comes to advising his clients about the best design concepts for their home. He has a unique approach that makes him stand out from other designers; Eddie challenges himself to try out new design concepts for every project, instead of relying on the tried and tested. With Eddie onboard, you can be assured that your home is in safe hands.