Creative Director

Having 13 years’ worth of experience (and counting!) under his belt, Jonathan is one of the most experienced interior designers in the i-Chapter team. As an interior designer, he believes that being passionate is important as this enables him to serve his clients and take on projects wholeheartedly. For Jonathan, what he loves most as an interior designer is when his clients are happy with the outcome of his interior designs.

Whenever he serves his clients, Jonathan takes the initiative to acquire their needs and requirements beforehand to ensure that his design concepts match what his clients ask for. He also makes sure that he explains everything to his clients so that they are well-informed and assured that their home is in safe hands.

Boasting more than a decade of experience in the field, Jonathan has garnered valuable experiences from the projects that he has handled thus far. He willingly shares his knowledge and skill sets with his peers and juniors, which eventually led him to win the Outstanding Mentorship Award. He also does not back down from taking up challenging design projects as he believes that there are always valuable takeaways from these experiences.

When the renovation work is completed, Jonathan also takes the initiative to follow up with his clients to check if they require further assistance from him. With the support of the i-Chapter team, Jonathan aims to continue renovating beautiful homes that his clients can be proud of.