Design Manager

As an interior designer with a positive and happy-go-lucky attitude, Tues naturally brings a smile to his clients’ faces. He loves being an interior designer because he is able to meet individuals from all walks of life, connecting with them, and impacting their lives by turning their dream home ideas into reality.

Before he starts designing a home, Tues will firstly identify whether there are children, elderly or disabled are living in the house. This enables him to customize his designs to ensure that it matches the needs of everyone residing the home. Moreover, what sets Tues apart from other interior designers is his passion to build a strong bond with his clients to better understand their needs. Over the years, he has left a lasting impression in his clients that he constantly receives rave reviews for his work on their homes. In fact, he won the Best Review Award for 2015, 2016, and 2017 consecutively, a testament of his dedication to designing personalized homes that cater to the needs of every client.

For Tues, he embraces challenges with gusto and take on different interior design projects as he believes that this helps him to grow in his career. To date, Tues has been an interior designer for 14 years and he is not planning to stop anytime soon. He looks forward to working together with you on transforming your dream home into reality.