Renovation 101: Design Elements to Splurge or Save On

When it comes to interior renovation, one of the main considerations would always be the budget involved. Therefore, the question usually is, “should you splurge on some luxuries or stick to more affordable choices?” There is no black-and-white answer, but there are several aspects that you should consider instead.

For some of these elements, premium materials and impeccable craftsmanship leads to longer use and easier maintenance – meaning more value for the piece you pay for in the long run. However, there are also aspects of renovation that will still give you a satisfactory outcome even if you opt for the budget-friendly option.

Hence, here are some of our interior designer’s recommendations on elements that you should spend more money on and those that you can settle for the budget option.

Go High on Furniture

When it comes to furniture, it is best to spend more and opt for high-quality furniture. Cheap furniture pieces are easy to spot, hence ruining the overall aesthetics of the space. Moreover, they have a high tendency of coming apart after only a few years of use. Whereas when you buy high-quality furniture and you take care of it well, this investment could potentially last for tens of years or more! If budget is a concern, then go for the bare essentials like a bed or a table first. The remaining components can be bought at a later time when you have more money to spend.

Splurge on Kitchen Appliances

This point might be more applicable for people who cook regularly and use these kitchen appliances frequently. First off, they have an edge in terms of appearance and functionality compared to their cheaper counterparts. Additionally, high-quality kitchen appliances tend to come with longer warranty periods. This means that if something goes wrong in the first few years of usage, you’ll either get a free replacement or repair.

Furthermore, more expensive kitchen appliances like fridges and ovens tend to be more energy-efficient which can help to reduce utility bills in the long run. Therefore, spending more on kitchen appliances will make more financial sense.

Spend More on Lights

Although there is nothing wrong with sticking to the standard array of lights, the right lighting fixtures can make or break your home renovation. The overall ambience of your interior setting is highly dependent on the light fixtures used. For example, designer pendant lights add a modern and elegant touch to the space. Moreover, the quality of the fixture will affect the brightness of the interior space. Cheaper lights might cause your home to appear dim, dull, and unattractive.

Save on Textiles

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that one of the elements that you can save money on textiles without affecting the visual appeal and functionality of your interior space. In fact, there are several benefits of going for affordable textiles.

For a start, textile trends come and go very often, so there is no point investing in a piece of textile that might just go out of trend a few months after you purchase it. Also, one of the best ways to completely transform your interior without going through a full-scale renovation is by changing out cushions, pillows, rugs, and curtains.

Cut Cost on Hardware Finishes

Hardware finishes like knobs and handles are another aspect that you do not require spending excessively on. Most of the standard array available already tick the necessary boxes in terms of style and functionality, so you can reduce your allocated budget for these to save up or use it for other aspects as mentioned above.

Need advice on renovating your home? Feel free to drop by our i-Chapter showroom to consult our interior designers. We are always ready to help transform your dream home into a reality!

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