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The home is supposed to be a safe haven for your loved ones, where you can rest your head in peace at night after a long day’s work. Speaking of work, some of our best commercial interior designs decorate many esteemed corporate offices in Singapore. As a home interior design firm based in Singapore, we at i-Chapter believe that the best residential interior designs should be both stylish and functional to suit the hectic lifestyle of Singapore homeowners.

Home Interior Design Singapore

Kitchen Interior Design Singapore

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Kitchen Interior Design Singapore

Combining Form and Function for Home Interior Designs

From a welcoming living room to the kitchen to the bathroom, every part of the home is unique and has their respective purposes. Therefore, it is our responsibility as interior designers to combine both form and function for every space of the home to bring convenience and comfort to the homeowners as well as being inviting to their guests.

Kitchen Interior Design Singapore

Take the kitchen interior design for Singapore homes as an example. The kitchen interior design is probably one of the most essential aspects of any Singapore home. After all, it serves as a space where the entire family bonds, prepare their meals, dine together, and even serve as a gathering place for family and friends to bond.

Hence, the kitchen interior design should be practical and suitable for Singapore HDB units, which are typically compact units with limited space. Kitchen cabinets and L-shaped layouts are used as a way to minimise the space needed to fit in a fully-functional kitchen in a small home. By utilising innovative solutions, we make designs work for every home!

Personalised Home Interior Designs for Every Homeowner!

We also strive to ensure that the home interior design concepts that we propose reflects the personalities and values of the homeowners, and at the same time ideal for living in modern Singapore. Before we execute a design, our interior designers will take the effort to understand your every need – your preferred design concept, whether you have elderly members living with you, extra features or furnishings you might require, any pets living and moving about in the house, etc. Upon identifying these needs, we’ll then propose a home interior design that also incorporates these requirements to suit your taste.

We at i-Chapter also recognise the importance of choosing the right colours for your home interior design. Colour schemes are also an important aspect when it comes to home interior designs. Lighter colours are great for making the home appear bigger and more spacious, while dark colours create depth and a luxurious look and feel.

From the design concept, to the choice of furniture, to the complementary décor, we make sure that the home interior is designed to match the lifestyle in Singapore and personality of the homeowners! Also, our interior designs are crafted in such a way that there will be no need for interior renovation for at least a decade!
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