The Difference Between Home Renovation and Remodelling

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day and that applies to your dream home too. In all honesty, very few domestic endeavours can compare to the amount of time, energy, and sometimes the stress of a home renovation… or is it remodel?

You may have been using renovation and remodel interchangeably, which may not seem like a big deal when it comes to the cost of remodelling a house. However, it could still reveal the extent of your experience with home updates.

There’s a good chance that the interior designer or contractor you’re talking to understands what you’re referring to no matter which term you use but, have you ever wondered if you’re using the right term? If you’re concerned about your choice of words and sounding knowledgable, you’ll want to know if there is a difference between a remodel and a renovation.

According to the dictionary, the definition of renovation and remodel are very different.

Renovation is about upgrading the look and feel of a room or structure without changing its intended purpose.

During a house renovation, the kitchen remains a kitchen but repairs and updates are done. This generally includes painting, installing new flooring, and switching out items such as cabinet knobs and faucets, including structural rebuilding. For instance, rotted wood members will be removed if it’s found. The area in the walls or the roof will be rebuilt using new lumber.

Whereas remodelling alters the design and occasionally the structure.

Remodelling is the process of changing the functionality and the design of an area. It may involve removing a wall to expand a dining space and reconfiguring a kitchen layout. Constructing an addition to your home would also be considered a remodel. Remodelling can be as simple as transforming a bedroom into a home office. If the purpose of the area has been altered, it’s been remodelled.

Over the years, design experts have come up with the differences between remodelling and renovation. However, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, a former Bachelorette couple, insisted the two terms can be used interchangeably.

Based on their experience, the term renovation or remodel is often associated with a completely different word known as Flipping. Home makeovers can increase your space’s value and it’ll be especially convenient when you’re planning to sell.

According to Fletcher, remodelling and flipped are often mixed up by people. He also said that he has remodelled many homes but never flipped them. To conclude, renovation refers to restoring while remodelling is creating something new for betterment.

More importantly, always plan your home projects carefully regardless of whether you call it a renovation or remodel. The best tips the couple had shared when you’re undergoing a home project is to pay attention to the spaces you use the most as it’ll affect your spending budget.

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