The Different Types of Bed for Every Bedroom Style

Picking the right bed is no easy feat especially when it’s one of the most comfortable essentials at home. As you spend an average of 8 hours in it, the type of bed you choose does matter - to complement your dream bedroom. Luckily, we’ve prepared a guide of the most common beds to accommodate every bedroom style.

With that said, here are the most common bed options for you to decide on your bedroom’s interior design:

1. Minimal

This style focuses on geometric forms, open layouts, and favours white and neutral colours. It takes a look at uncomplicated, straight lines, and a material palette of natural wood or wrought iron. For instance, simple platform beds, floor beds with a built-in base and pull down beds work well with this style.

2. Contemporary

An ever-changing and emulates popular, trendy styles. It’s considered fluid and borrows from different styles without focusing on one. For example, the most popular choices are such as wall beds or fully upholstered beds and winged or tufted headboards.

3. Transitional

A blend between traditional and modern design that results in a comfortable yet classic look for an elegant impression. For instance, if you have a Modern sleigh bed, you can opt for additions such as curved headboards and footboards. Panel beds have a similar design - it has a straight, high headboard, low footboard and side panels made of natural wood.

4. Modern

Modern designs always focus on simple form and functionality. A streamlined platform and box beds with straight lines and sleek designs work wonderfully with this style.

5. Traditional

Especially fitting for larger rooms: A four-poster bed works beautifully with Traditional, Ethnic, European, or Colonial style bedrooms. Columns with carved embellishments or a draped, fabric canopy will elevate the traditional look.

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