5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Appear Bigger

One of the biggest challenges faced when it comes to small home interior renovation is making it appear big and spacious. With that said, here’s a tip to remember – a bright and vibrant space will give off an impression that the room is airier and larger than it actually is in reality. The best thing is, making your home bigger doesn’t require you to break the bank. Below are our recommendations that are both effortless and friendly to the wallet, on how to make your home appear more spacious!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

One of the most effective and failproof ways that interior designers use to add light and space is by using mirrors. Thanks to their transparent and reflective nature, mirrors are great for reflecting light to all areas of the home – effectively brightening up the space while making hues more visually appealing to the eyes. Moreover, mirrors can also be easily customised to match your personal style, enabling them to second as a decorative piece as well!

Add Some Shine

Another go-to approach is to utilise accessories that have a little metallic sparkle such as a brass pendant lights or stainless steel cabinets. Not only are they great for catching the light, they also add a hint of elegance to the space. Even something small like a metallic figurine or picture frame can work wonders to make your space appear bigger and classier.

Stick with White Walls

Despite the evolving trends and design concepts, most home interior renovations today still feature white walls and ceilings – and for good reason! White walls are great for making a space appear spacious, especially when complemented with bright undertones. Moreover, white will put your space in the best light as it is the perfect colour to reflect light throughout the entire room.

Float Your Shelves

Installing additional storage space ensures that your home remains tidy and uncluttered. Rather than going for bulky wardrobes and shelving units, opt for bracketed and floating shelves that are installed to the wall instead. This helps to clear up much needed floor real estate while taking advantage of vertical space. Just makes sure that the wall-mounted shelves are within reach of adults, yet not reachable by young children to prevent any accidents.

Let There Be Natural Light!

It should be pretty obvious by now that light plays a pivotal role in determining how your space will look like to the naked eye. Take advantage of natural light to open up the interior and make it look larger. You can install large windows to connect the room with the outdoors, therefore allowing more light in and removing the limit for your space. For more innovative home interior design ideas, feel free to get in touch with our interior designers.

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