3 Tips to Picking the Right Laminates for Your Home

Out of all the materials used in your new home, laminates are considered the most important. Whether it’s the feature wall or built-in cabinets, laminates are exceptionally flexible - making them a staple renovation material.

With that said, it’s not easy to find the right fit. You won’t get the exact swatch off photos or catalogue samples. Picking your laminates through either of those options will cause a lot of problems in time to come.

Not to worry though! Our interior designers have prepared some notes for your reference:

1. View in different lighting

Depending on the time of day, laminates look different. It may look great at noon under natural sunlight but it might not look as great when it’s under artificial light at night. As the lighting in your home gradually changes throughout the day, the laminates will look different.

2. Mix and match the textures and patterns

Too much laminate throughout the home can create an uninspired look. It’s become a common practice to mix and match to add depth and dimension. Sticking to same laminate throughout the home can lead to an uninspired look. Which is why it’s common practice to mix-and-match them to add depth and dimension.

3. Check them out in a virtual home set-up app

It’s always best to see how laminates apply in real life but it doesn’t go without adding the importance of having a 3D drawing of it. However, do take note that rendering a 3D image can be time consuming and impractical for homeowners who are unsure of how to prepare it themselves.

With that said, it’s nothing major to worry about. All it takes is a visit to some of the best interior design firms in Singapore to take a look and feel of the laminate you’re looking for. Feel free to get in touch with our team at i-Chapter Pte. Ltd. to bring your dream home to life today!

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