Different Ways to Place Your TV at Home

Yes, you read that right. While it may seem like a no-brainer job to do, finding the right spot and ways to fit a TV to the chosen part of your home is much harder than you think.

For starters, it begs the question of where it should go. Whether it’s on the wall, in the below a bookshelf or mounted into a corner - it’s surely no easy feat but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are plenty of mounting options that can go with your home interior design.

Here are a few practical and stylish ideas you may fancy to incorporate a TV into your home:

1. Make your TV the centre piece of your display wall

Normally, when you make the TV the centrepiece of a display wall - it means making it a part of a bigger piece of multipurpose furniture such as customised built-in storage or a bookcase. This is especially ideal for homes with an entire wall to fill and maximise.

This doesn’t go without adding that you should make sure that the TV is mounted at the right height for a comfortable view to avoid a neck crane. It’s been recommended to have the TV mounted at eye level.

2. Create a half-height TV wall with storage at the back

Half-height walls are traditionally used to provide some degree of privacy between rooms, but these structures also make ideal TV feature walls in open-concept homes as they tend to take up less vertical space. Additionally, it’s designed with cabinets on the front and back - leaving the half walls to serve as storage space too.

3. Place your TV in the corner to maximise small spaces

A simple and convenient way to fill up dead space is simply mounting your TV there. It may seem like an impractical idea but placing your TV in unused spaces helps reduce glare from natural light, especially if there’s a window nearby. On top of that, it gives you the flexibility to watch TV from other areas of the section.

4. Simply place your TV on a console

Placing the TV on a console could easily be the quickest and easiest way to position a screen in your living room. However, there’s a downside to this such as the console height. For this, you may want to take note of the ideal viewing distance based on your TV’s size.

Be sure to look into the recommended distance for your TV size. This matters because sitting far enough will create an impression of a more lifelike TV image and won't be able to see the little pixels moving on the screen.

For more information on ways to place your TV at home, feel free to get in touch with our interior designers today!

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