How to Decorate Small Living Spaces

Except for landed houses (which cost a bomb!), BTOs and resale units in Singapore have limited square footage to work around with. This could pose a challenge when it comes to interior renovation. However, by engaging an experienced interior designer, you will be able to transform even the most compact spaces into a home that is both functional and eye-catching!

If you’re seeking inspiration to renovate your compact home, you are in luck because we have compiled simple yet effective home interior design tips to maximize space for you. You can thank us later!

Visualise and Think It Through

The first thing that you should do is determine what you want the space to be for, as this will help decide how you plan to renovate it. For example, say you want to turn a room into a children’s nursery. You will also need to consider if you require extra shelves and cabinets to store the toys. Not only that, the kind of storage units you need are also important – will wall shelves be sufficient or will you need floor-to-ceiling wardrobes? This will help you to determine specific and viable space-saving solutions.

Use A Unifying Colour

A great way to visually enlarge a space is by covering all the walls or the floors of different sections of the home in one colour. This will give off a sense of continuity and a visual impression that the space feels larger than it actually is. If you feel that covering all the walls with the same colour is dull and plain, an alternative that you can opt for is to incorporate decorative elements such as a cabinet, a carpet, or even a small accent piece that has the same colour as your walls or floor. We recommend using warm shades such as beige, brown, and grey to add cosiness to the room as well.

Utilise Multi-Functional Furniture

When it comes to compact spaces, you need to think out-of-the-box to ensure that a room remains functional without being cluttered. This is where multi-functional furniture pieces come into the picture. Rather than a bulky shelving unit, why not go for built-in shelves that double as a hidden door that leads into another section of the home? Other great options to consider are foldable countertops, in-wall beds, etc. Applying these fixtures to your home frees up additional space, while also preventing clutter from accumulating.

Go For Statement Pieces

You may think that small spaces mean that you need to decorate a bunch of small décor items. However, good interior designers will tell you the opposite – utilising a statement piece can make a better impact than many small items. Not only can it draw visual attention better, it is a way to prevent spatial clutter as well. Chandeliers, oversized paintings, and statement lighting pieces are great additions to compact spaces and are ideal for making a room appear bigger than it actually is.

Consider Lifted Lighting

Rather than using recessed lighting, consider hanging light fixtures like pendant lighting and wall sconces. However, if your home comprises mainly of recessed lighting, another alternative is to utilise table lamps and other light fixtures that cast light back to the ceiling for added illumination. Brighter interiors will appear bigger and more spacious to the eyes.

As an interior design company in Singapore, we at i-Chapter are always looking for innovative design approaches to maximise the functional and aesthetic value of every space in your home. Be it the main living room, the kitchen, or the bathroom, our i-Chapter designers have the expertise to help transform your house into a home you truly deserve.

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