Popular Interior Designs for BTOs 2021

Are you about to receive the keys to your new BTO home? We’re pretty sure you can’t wait to get started on its interior design… and we’re here for it!

The best part about it is the list of themes to choose from - from minimalist, contemporary, industrial, etc. Now, the question is: Which interior design would you like to apply for your home?

Here’s a look at the top five interior design themes that are popular among many Singaporean homeowners.

1. Scandinavian

The clean, neutral-coloured interior style is the most popular amongst Singaporean homeowners. In a Scandinavian home interior design, it’s important to have plenty of light as it brings out the white and wooden shades of the home - which are often light in colour.

2. Palatial

Known for its quilted textures and elaborate details, Palatial interior design gives a hint of regal refinement. In terms of lighting, it’s usually crystal chandeliers. For decoration, velvety or satin drapes to complete the look.

3. Victorian

When it comes to creating visual opulence and spectacle, Victorian is a notable interior design style. This immaculate look is usually matched with classy furnishings and plush upholstery. The cabinets and walls are lined in white trim to help enhance the appearance, and recessed lighting to bring a soft glow to the area.

4. Japanese

Bring a piece of the Eastern world to your home with a Japanese-themed interior renovation. There’s nothing more peaceful than a Zen ambience to put one’s mind at ease and create a serene sanctuary out of any home. This particular style incorporates a lot of streamlined, wooden panels and traditional shoji screens that resemble the interior of a typical Japanese spa. Of course, this theme is not complete without nature-inspired details such as bamboo fixtures (and mini pebble waterfall, if you’re feeling adventurous!).

5. Nautical

Last but not least, if you’re a big fan of the beachside and ocean - you’d fancy the idea of dwelling washed in seafoam blue to calm the senses, and makes the place feel more inviting. This Nautical theme is often complemented by quirky décor items such as a ship’s steering wheel or maritime-inspired furniture. Feel free to play around with shades of the ocean, or the classic blue and white stripes for your walls and flooring to tie everything together.

If you’re looking to learn more about interior design themes or keen on revamping your home, feel free to reach out to our team today!

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