Everything You Need to Know About Home Interior Design

The most common problem residents face when they move into a new house or do home renovation is organizing their furniture.

The most common problem residents face when they move into a new house or do home renovation is organizing their furniture. Where should be the sofa? How much furniture do we need? Do we need to get rid of some furniture or need to get some more? What if the colour of the walls does not match with the furniture?

A home is where you live for a long time. It should be a place where you feel comfortable and happy. Our surroundings whether alive or lifeless affect our mood. If you wake up in a bright room you will feel cheery compared to when you wake up in a dark room.

In this article, we will talk about interior design themes and the correct way of organizing your furniture.


Minimal: A minimalistic approach to your new home interior can give it a fresh look. Minimal decor is easier to do and it’s easier to clean. If you think your house will not look stylish then you are mistaken. Minimalist designs stand out in all styles out there.

Victorian: Who would not like to live in a classy place like a royal? A victorian interior theme provides the residents with classy furnishing and a neat look. The colours used are light but royal.

Bohemian: If you have a carefree soul that wants a lot of colour around them then bohemian is your go-to theme. In a bohemian theme, interior designers will fill your space with bright colours with a touch of modernization.

Industrial: After hearing the word industrial, images of buildings with smoke coming out of them might come to your mind. But in this scenario, it is much cleaner and much more fun. In industrial interior design, interior designers take advantage of exposed raw material and make something great out of it. The industrial interior is good for large spaces.

When someone walks into your home they see if the house is clean or not, what type of curtains you use and how does your interior look. After observing theme details they judge what type of person you are. Your interior them can reveal if you are free-spirited, reserved, or friendly.

Furniture Arrangement

Do not overcrowd: Do not fill your entire room with furniture during your house renovation. Yes, you want something to do with the empty space but will fill it with more furniture work? No! No matter how much empty space you have do not overcrowd it. You can fill it with plants. They will bring soothing and calm energy to the house.

Keep Corners Empty: It is not good to keep sofa, chair, or tables attached to the walls. It is one of the common furniture arrangement mistakes to be avoided. Creating dead space won’t you’re your home a stylish look. When you are organizing your home keep some distance between wall and furniture. Corners are good for keeping showpieces or plants but not furniture.

Don’t Match Everything: It is not possible to own furniture that matches your wall colours all the time. What if you want to change colours, will you change your furniture too? Instead of matching colours go with contrast matching. Also, furniture in one room should match each other. You can buy different types and colours for another room as each space is different.

With these tips, interior design your home yourself but never forget a professional help will always be better. Professionals will remove your doubts regarding colours and furniture organization. Professionals work with various clients every day. You might know what you home needs in term of design but professional interior designers understand the space requirement along with style better. Feel free to reach out to our interior design company to enquire about our services.

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