Tips to Achieve a Light and Breezy Interior Design

These days, many homeowners lean towards neutral decor for its simplicity. If you happen to be one who aspires to achieve a contemporary yet attractive design for your home, this article is for you.


A light and airy home interior design is one that fully utilizes the available space in a one-bedroom space. Its multifunctional design concept incorporates zones for dining, working and relaxing. Contemporary furniture is commonly chosen to indicate a sense of space while keeping everything light, bright and airy.


How do you work with an interior design that has limited space in a one-bedroom flat? The answer is simple: a multifunctional design.

A multifunctional design maximizes the available space by combining the living, dining and study space. The idea behind it is to make sure every available piece in the room complements one another while each space is carefully zoned.

For instance, living room furniture such as the sofa is big enough for family and friends. Whereas the dining and study area has a particularly silhouette furniture to keep the space looking uncluttered. As for lighting, each zone has its own dedicated lighting to create intimacy.

Colour Scheme and Furniture

Embracing on-trend colours such as off-whites and greys for its ability to make the room feel open and airy.

By adding details to define the space better, you could include artwork, mirrors or even a coffee table. Larger-scale pieces such as armchairs, rugs or wide floorboards, gives the illusion and feel of a bigger space.

Multi-functional furniture doesn’t necessarily mean a cramped space. If it’s specifically selected for its style and proportions, it’ll make the room seem beautifully uncluttered. For instance, you could pick a dining table in white and have a single pedestal for a clean outline.

Smart Storage

Smart storage is vital for common spaces. Provide a display and storage by mounting shelves high up, while leaving the walls bare for artwork pieces you may find fitting for the area. Some sofas that double as storage and can be converted to a guest bed too. Not only is this furniture practical but it’s also designed with style.

All in all, you can achieve a light and breezy interior design of your choice by engaging with the right team and resources. If you’re keen on knowing more about creative interior design, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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