Smart Strategies to Save Money on Home Renovation

Home renovations are no easy feat. It involves meetings, tight timelines and most importantly - budget. With that said, it’s actually easy to save money on interior renovation simply by following these tried-and-tested strategies.

AHere are our top 5 ways to cut your home renovation costs without sacrificing your wants and needs:

1. Consider installing carpentry

Each piece of carpentry depends on its purpose. It can cost up to $250 per foot for kitchen cabinets or up to $350 per foot for bedroom wardrobes. That’s how the expenses increase if you’re not careful. For instance, a 4-room HDB apartment’s kitchen with custom carpentry works alone could cost you at least $10,000.

Instead of custom carpentry work, you could opt for ready-to-install carpentry to cut cost. These are customisable and are readily available in a variety of finishes for different décor styles.

2. Resurface instead of replace

If your cabinets look worn out or maybe you’re bored of it, you could consider having a carpenter put on a fresh coat of paint or a fresh new layer of laminate. You’ll be saving time, money and resources. On top of that, your space will be looking as good as new!

3. Carefully consider your sockets

Electricians in Singapore generally charge somewhere up to $120 to install a single three-pin power socket. Although it doesn’t seem like much, it can quickly add up if you get too trigger-happy with the renovation budget.

It’s best to prioritise key areas that do require sockets such as the study room or kitchen, or areas where you know they’ll be indispensable.

4. Look into upcycled furniture

Home renovations aren’t all about giving the insides a makeover but rather adding the right furniture to complete the look. Instead of taking a drive down to IKEA, you could browse online for upcycled pieces first.

As upcycled pieces are made from recycled materials such as discarded wood or excess textiles, it’s not only affordable but also an eco-friendly way to renovate your home. Plus I it’s sold at a lower price compared to their store-bought equivalents.

5. Avoid major works

While it can be tempting to bring your dream home to life, it’s important to take note if it involves extensive but necessary changes such as renovating the existing flooring that's still in good condition or choosing a trendy pipeline for your bathroom.

Let’s put the finances aside, it’s also worth noting that such works often result in longer renovation periods and may be an issue if you want to move in ASAP.

To conclude, sometimes it’s not about what we want but rather what we need - especially when it comes with a hefty price tag. Not to worry though, you can always consult the best and reliable interior designer in Singapore for some great advice on your home renovations.

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