The 4 Most Common Furniture Arrangement Mistakes

When it comes to decorations, we try our best to make it work but it doesn’t seem to work out somehow. It’s especially difficult to put a finger on the problem when you’re not a professional interior designer. You may have the right furniture for your home but will end up with an awkward furniture layout; this is why it’s never a bad idea to get some help from professionals.

If an interior designer were to pay you a visit, they’ll most likely notice the little details about your furniture arrangements that you probably didn’t consider. For instance, is the rug too small? Are the furniture pieces too close to each other or too far apart? Is the scale right for its space?

Here are the most common furniture arrangements mistakes you might be making in your space:

1. Too Much Furniture

One of the main mistakes is having too much furniture in a room. It’s best to have good circulation around a room’s layout. In order to achieve a pure and simple aesthetic with plenty of space, keep a comfortable distance from the edge of a sofa or lounge chair seat to the edge of the coffee table.

2. Awkward Height Clearance

Another common mistake designers always seem to notice is height clearance. There should be clearance space between the dining chair arm to the table height, this includes leg space.

The same goes for picking a nightstand. Be sure to measure your bed with the box spring, mattress, and frame included to assure the nightstand isn't too low or too high.

3. Matching Furniture Sets

The trend of having a living room set ended a long time ago yet interior designers still notice it every now and then during home visits. These days, designers recommend mixing and match textures, colours, and even genres for home interior design as you’ll be able to create an elevated space for a more curated and well-designed outlook.

4. Placing Furniture Against the Wall

Last but not least, avoid pushing furniture up against your walls as it creates dead space in the centre of the room. Simply by leaving a few inches between your wall and sofa creates a more welcoming environment.

Feel free to reach out to our designers to learn more about what else you can do to avoid these mistakes today!

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