How to Know What Features to Retain During Interior Renovation

What features to keep or not to keep, that is the question. When it comes to renovating your home, there comes a dilemma in terms of deciding what to keep and what to remove. Why is it important to know what should stay and what should change during your interior renovation makeover? The simple reason is because it can help to reduce interior renovation costs, enabling you to save your hard-earned money.

As experienced interior designers, here are some recommendations of the elements that you can consider retaining when you undergo a brand new facelift for your home.


One of the features to retain is the flooring, especially when it comes to marble or parquet floors. Installing new floors will incur a large sum of renovation expenses due to the amount of work involved and man-hours required. Rather than going for a full-scale renovation for your floors, you can always opt to polish (marble floors) or varnish (parquet floors), which will cost only about 10% of actually replacing them entirely.


Doors and door frames are features that you can choose not to replace if they are still in good condition. Most doors and door frames have an evergreen and universal design, allowing them to fit seamlessly with almost every interior renovation design concept. Therefore, unless their structure is compromised or they are no longer functional, they should be on the “To Keep” list.


Apart from the flooring and doors, built-ins like cabinets and wardrobes can also be kept. Of course, this depends on their condition. You would have to check if they are mouldy or have been attacked by termites, as well as whether the hinges are working properly. Also, you will need to determine whether they will match the home’s new look. If the wardrobes and cabinets will not match the aesthetics of the new home, they could stand out like a sore thumb. Last but not least, you should also evaluate how long these fixtures will last; if they still have a few years left in them, then you can consider keeping them as well.

What If I Insist to Keep Some Features?

On some occasions, there might be some features that you might not want to part ways with – be it out of sentimental value or because they are relatively new. In those cases, you can always consult your interior designer to see if they can work around these features instead of installing new ones. However, safety is always one aspect that you should always think about. If there are parts that are unrepairable and pose a threat to the safety of you and your loved ones, then it’s better to consider an overhaul than risk injury.

If you are unsure, you can always consult an experienced and reliable interior designer to advise you on what to keep and what should be removed. Happy renovating!

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